I AM a dr of particle physics accredited by the university of cambridge and cern and a passionate science educator, speaker and entertainer.

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My scientific passion really ignited as a particle physicist, science communicator and all round resident anarchist at the University of Cambridge and the Large Hadron Collider Beauty (LHCb) experiment at CERN, Switzerland (thesis analysis). 

Now I want to bring the joys of science and critical reasoning to everyone: young and old, rich and poor, scientific veteran or beginner. But, I want to do it with a witty comment, a side-ways look and an amusing angle!

We live in a world fractured along lines of ideology, politics, race and many other factors. I truly believe that an understanding of science, critical reasoning and an ability to determine the objective facts behind complex issues is the best way to bring us closer together!

Particle Physicist Sam Gregson describes how particle Physics is like sex at Bright Club Cambridge



During my PhD, I began performing scientific stand-up comedy for vehicles such as Bright Club, Science Show Off and Science Slam.

Explaining science and critical reasoning through comedy is a great way to engage audiences that don't attend traditional scientific outreach events and challenge the stereotypes that surround scientists.

I enjoyed it so much that I founded and project managed LHComedy, CERN's 1st ever comedy showThe show was covered by many international news outlets including the GuardianDer Spiegel and even the Afghanistan Sun!

...and I want to keep going!...





I know from experience, that if you can make someone laugh while teaching them, they will remember what they have learned!

In this spirit, I founded the Ministry of Sense project to produce exciting and interactive science comedy shows that introduce school, adult and family audiences to high level science topics and the fascinating worlds of the scientific method, critical thinking and evolutionary psychology in an engaging, high-octane and fun manner. 

The first Ministry of Sense show "Hunting the Higgs" is currently performed by Sam and pioneer of geek pop Jonny Berliner and includes voice-overs by the legendary Stephen Fry. It has visited high profile venues such as the Royal InstitutionThe Green Man Festival and Cheltenham Science Festival and engaged more than 20,000 people already.


Dr Sam Gregson on “Do video games cause mass shootings?”


I enjoy discussing high profile, vital and controversial topics on the Bad Boy of Science Blog and the Bad Boy of Science Podcast, discussing the facts surrounding these topics and the interwoven human thinking biases. 

The Bad Boy of Science YouTube channel dissects these issues further as well as airing interviews with scientists, discussions with the public and science-based funnies!




This series helps ordinary people understand the science behind the big questions, of life the universe and time travel. In Genius by Stephen Hawking, Professor .



I have made several media appearances explaining and championing critical thought and science. These include:

I've spoken at Cambridge University, CERN and TEDX and for many other vehicle and am always happy to speak at conferences, stand-up nights and other events.